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Knowledge for Health (K4H)

The Regional Health & HIV Office at USAID’s East Africa Mission (USAID/EA/RHH) launched a new strategic framework that seeks to build the capacity of regional intergovernmental institutions to define and drive health sector development in the region. To that end, RHH engaged the Knowledge for Health Project (K4Health) to strengthen knowledge management (KM) capacity for its partners, namely the East, Central & Southern Africa Health Community (ECSA-HC) and the East African Community (EAC).

This effort seeks to improve regional collaboration, sharing and learning, scale up high-impact practices, reduce duplication of effort, and improve the quality of health systems across member countries. Through this project, ECSA-HC received capacity at the secretariat on Knowledge Managed and other skills development. It is through this project that ECSA-HC identified the need for a Knowledge Management department.

In turn, through this project ECSA-HC conducted a KM needs assessment in its member states and the organization currently seeks funding to strengthen KM capacities in the member states.  in efforts to share regional information, ECSA-HC continues to convene the Best Practices Forum (BPF) which is an annual event bringing together a group of Health leaders, decision makers, experts and implementers to discuss and share best practices to influence programme implementing and health policies.

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