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The 52nd Health Ministers Conference held in Harare, Zimbabwe, 2010, resolved that there was a need to establish an umbrella College of Health Sciences to which all existing and future constituent colleges will affiliate (ECSA/HMC52/R9: Strengthening Partnerships for Health). The ECSA-HC was, therefore, mandated to facilitate the process under the guidance and support of the Director General. The ECSA College of Health Sciences is an umbrella College facilitating the functions of the Autonomous Constituent Professional Colleges.

The College of Health Sciences has six (6) constituent colleges which are

Other health professional bodies have subsequently expressed interest to establish their own colleges affiliated to the ECSA Health Community. Others are still in the process of joining.

Aim and Objectives of the ECSA College of Health Sciences

The aim of the East, Central and Southern Africa College of Health Science is to promote excellence in specialist services including training, service provision and research within the ECSA health region.


The objectives of the ECSA College of Health Sciences are among others to:

  • Promote post graduate training in health profession discipline with a view to promoting the highest level of skills, attitudes and efficiency in the practice.
  • Provide for common registrable qualifications in specialist discipline that will be recognized by accreditation authorities in each member states.
  • Promote research by individual colleges and promote collaborative research by members of various colleges.
  • Coordinate activities of various colleges and promote dialogue and collaboration between them.
  • Provide for dialogue with constituent colleges to have common accreditation process for training institutions and trainers.

Structure and Organization of the College of Health Sciences

The ECSA College of Health Sciences consists of the Senate as its governing body with a secretariat headed by the college registrar.

Organogram for the ECSA College Of Health Sciences

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